Home Office Corner Desks You'll Want

amazon disclaimerWhen you need additional desk space in your home office but are restricted in space, a corner desk can be the answer. They come in many styles, sizes and finishes to suit your personal home work space and provide you with a productive place to work as well as store your office stationery and essentials.

If you have chosen to work from home, setting up your own office needs some planning and lots of thought. Getting things right from the get go is important to ensuring you give yourself the best place to conduct your home business and one that is conducive to productive working with everything to hand and no clutter.

corner desksSome office spaces that are created in the home naturally lend themselves to corner desks, while others are better suited to traditional desks so often it comes down to personal preference as to which kind you end up putting in there. This article can help you make that decision by covering the benefits and major uses of corner desks while providing some extremely stylish examples that you can buy online.

The Benefits of a Corner Desk for Your Home Office

There are some great benefits to designing and installing your home office with a corner desk over the more traditional rectangular desk. If style and ambiance are your main focus for your working space, then planning for a corner desk unit could be a very smart move.

The major benefit is of course in the way a corner desk maximizes the space it occupies. It won't take up so much space while providing a large working area and storage space for all your documents, stationery and other important items too.

Workstations and Computer Desks

Many corner desks are designed with the personal computer user in mind, with built-in pull-outs surfaces for keyboard and mouse and multiple levels for placing a monitor in a comfortable place. There is usually an additional space below the desk for stowing the computer's casing and any battery backup solution as well as space to keep trailing wires neatly stored.

Prices vary from desk to desk with high end units remaining affordable while providing all the additional features you would expect from a quality desk. Even budget desks can serve their purpose well, although it is advisable to get the best desk that you can afford. The additional money spent at the outset is often recouped many times over in longer life and better build quality of a more expensive desk.

Great Corner Desks for Your Home Office on Amazon

If there's one place that you can be pretty certain of picking up a good quality corner desk online, it's Amazon. Take a look at the examples below and see what grabs your attention.

If you see one that speaks to you, simply click on the image to open the full info page where you will be able to read more about the specific desk, get all the specifications, price and any customer reviews as well.

Bush Furniture Harvest Espresso OakCabot Collection-60-inch L-Desk

Here is the perfect office workstation desk that will make the best use of your available space by fitting neatly into the corner of the room and providing maximum working space. You can use it in a variety of ways, but probably most common would be as a computer base with all your peripherals (printer, scanner, external drives etc) all within easy reach and not cluttering up the place.

It has a low profile and a very small footprint making it ideal for small areas and where you need to make the most of every available square inch! It comes in a lovely dark oak finish that will look stunning in any work setting and make you feel like you're working in the best place possible.

There is great technology management built into this unit with a USB hub, under-desk charging station and desktop grommet to keep wiring concealed and out of the way. That means less clutter and more productivity from a clear desk strategy.

For stashing your stationery and important stuff, this is one of the best around. There is a file drawer that can take all popular sizes of paper, such as A4, legal and letter.

With concealed storage and lots of drawer space (drawers open full length), there is a place for everything and everything in its place!

There are some add-on pieces of furniture to transform an ordinary room into a really plush looking, fully loaded office space. Check out the sales page at Amazon by clicking the button and you'll see the additional items you can buy with this desk along with the latest prices and discounts.

Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Left or Right Facing Corner Desk

If you need a corner desk that can alternate between a left or right facing site, this beautiful white hollow core model from Monarch Specialities is just the one for you.

For keeping your stuff nicely organized, there are two medium storage drawers as well as a conveniently placed lateral file drawer just below. There are secondary surfaces that act as additional work space or you can use them as extra shelves for standing a printer on or keeping other important items in their place.

It represents a simple and stylish piece of office features with solid, thick panels and good, clean lines, all finished in white. The writing desk area provides you with a spacious surface for working that's great for getting all your paperwork done or for using as a computer workstation.

Since this unit can be used as a corner or center L shape desk, it is highly versatile and perfect if you decide to move your office around some. It is perfectly at home in a central position with no unfinished edges so it looks great wherever you decide to put it.

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