Working a Desk Job from Home

In this day and age of advanced computer and communications technology, many more people are working from their homes than ever before. Whether the work they are doing is for a company they work for or it's a self start business they are building or have built for themselves, working fin a home office environment certainly has its benefits.

This post takes a slight deviation away from the site's focus just on office chairs to look at the whole home office environment and the part the furniture plays in making or breaking the whole aspect of this way of going about the daily tasks that are involved with the job people do.

The Home Office

First of all, when you work from home as I do, the quality of the environment is very important for the stuff that needs to get done actually gets done. For me, I have a dedicated room in the home that is just office space and nothing else.

That means it has a desk, filing cabinets, shelves and drawers, a good quality office chair to sit on, a sofa to relax on away from the desk (for reading documents and taking breaks), a collection of computers, laptops, display monitors, scanner and printer along with all the stationery that an office needs to function.

The space is relatively clutter-free and decorated in fairly neutral, relaxing pastel colors to help me to better concentrate on what I'm doing while I'm doing it. So for all intents and purposes, this is a fully functional working environment that could be anywhere, not necessarily in my home.

Working in Comfort

One of the most important things I had to consider when designing my work-space was comfort above all else. That's because I have worked in commercial office environments before where the chair was never comfortable enough, the desk at the wrong height and any number of aspects that were not conducive to constructive and productive work.

So my home had to be not just better than those places, but the best I could possibly afford so that I could be comfortable and productive for the many hours each day that I spend in here. Setting the desk at the correct height so that I could type on my keyboard comfortably for long periods without experiencing any back or arm strain was a must.

The All-Important Office Desk Chair

I made sure the chair I'm now sitting on is at the correct height again to avoid back strain, leg strain and arm/shoulder strain while being comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. It is one of those ergonomic office chairs that has good lumbar support and is totally adjustable for my needs.

This is so important because a badly set up and uncomfortable office chair can ruin the day's schedule and lead to unproductiveness because you have to keep getting up all the time!

The rest of the furniture is simply functional, pleasing aesthetically and doesn't clutter up the room. It all makes for a space where I can work at my business in the best and most productive way, because my time is valuable to me and I don't want any of it being wasted because I made poor choices on furniture.

For me, working from home is a real joy. As long as my business remains profitable and keeps the checks coming in, I'm happy!