Inexpensive Home Office Desk Chairs

It's perfectly acceptable to go looking for those inexpensive home office desk chairs that you often see on sale online at stores like Amazon or Staples as long as you do some research on them first. That's so you can avoid ending up with a really cheap seat that falls apart after a few weeks of heavy use!

There's no escaping the fact that buying really cheap stuff is false economy. That's because it invariably ends up breaking or wearing out pretty fast, whereas a more expensive item will last far longer. In fact, you will end up spending more on buying "cheap" stuff because you have to keep replacing it!

Inexpensive versus Cheap

Let's get down to definitions here and think about what is inferred when we hear the word "cheap" in contrast to when we hear the word "inexpensive". Of course, the two words taken literally mean much the same thing, but it is the image that they create that is different.

Cheap generally means low cost item that is likely made from inferior materials and manufactured in a place where wages are very low, quality control is almost non-existent and the finished product is prone to wearing out quickly or breaking easily.

Inexpensive on the other hand invokes an image of a better quality product that is simply on sale at a lower than expected price. This is where the best cheap office chairs differ from the rest in terms of value for money over false economy.

What About Value?

When we introduce the concept of "value" to an item, it is immaterial whether its price tag is low or high. It must now provide a good return on the money invested in purchasing it for it to warrant being good value.

A good value office chair is one that may have cost $100 or $1,000 but for the price it must provide a good sitting experience compared with its cost. You would expect a $100 chair to be comfortable, offer back support and adjustability and be made to a reasonably high standard.

You would expect a $1,000 chair to be luxuriously comfortable, have perfectly fitting back support for your individual needs, be made from the best leather (or other material), be silent in operation, be robust and extremely well built and long lasting while looking like it should be sat in by a company CEO.

Either way, each product would represent good value for its price ticket.

What is an Ideal Home Office Chair?

When looking to buy a chair for your home office, you should always look to getting the best value for the money you intend spending. So you'll be looking for a quality level on a sliding scale in keeping with the dollar amount you will be paying for it.

It should be comfortable above all, because you will likely be spending many hours each day sitting in it. Likewise, it should provide good lumbar and upper back support, be adjustable to suit your height and have deep enough padding that won't go hard after just a few weeks use.

The more you spend, generally the better quality product you should expect to receive, but that is not always the case.

Read Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to get a good feel for a chair you may be buying online from, say Amazon for example is to read as many of the customer reviews as you can to see what other owners think of their purchases. If the site you choose to buy from does not provide their own customer reviews, then take a look at online consumer forums to find people who have bough the model you are interested in to see what they have to say about it.

Expect to get plenty of negative reviews of even good products, because there are plenty of people out there that just like to complain about minor stuff while there are also plenty of out and out mischief-makers! For that reason, you need to do a fair amount of reading to separate the honest reviewers from the idiots.

With sufficient research done on your part, you should be able to buy a relatively good quality chair that is still relatively inexpensive while not being "cheap" as per the above definitions. Good luck!