Why the Boss Executive Office Chair is So Popular

amazon disclaimerIt's not often you come across an executive ergonomic office chair that you'd call truly awesome, but this one from Boss is a low cost high spec marvel. Comfortable and robust, this chair has been wowing thousands of happy customers for a long time and it's not without very good reason.

The manufacture and quality of this fully functional executive desk chair leaves the rest in its price range standing. So what makes this piece of essential office furniture one of the best in its class? Let's take a closer look at it.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Office Chair Review

We can start with looking closely at the image to the right and just seeing how good it looks. The shape, style and design are very pleasing to the eye and it certainly looks like a chair I'd want to sit on and relax into.

But this is not a chair for relaxing in: It's meant to be for working, so how does it stand up to scrutiny by someone who works 8 hours a day at a desk writing stuff like this in between designing and building websites for a living?

Fort starters, I need a comfortable chair that I can sit in for hours at a time without feeling any back strain, leg strain, arm and shoulder strain and generally anything that might lead me to feel any discomfort whatsoever. Most office chairs fall down in this area because they are simply not comfortable enough for long stretches.

This one does not! I could sit in this all day and not feel like I need a massage at the end of it!


Let's look at the advertised features that come with this exceptional chair for the business or home office:

One of the important key features is its ample lumbar support coupled with armrests that are the right height for resting arms on comfortably without any strain. This combination means no back pain and also really important, no shoulder tension!

How Does it Compare to Other Office Desk Chairs?

Other similar chairs that I've tried over the years could not match this one for creating the right environment in this area, where the lack thereof can lead to headaches and stress pains. This one leaves me pain and stress free!

As far as being one of the best office chairs for back pain prevention goes, this is it people! You'll get this level of comfort and back support in chairs costing upwards of $1,000 of course, but for under $200 this is a clear winner in terms of value for money and long term comfort and use.

So Why Is This Chair So Popular?

It's all down to its quality build, comfort and usability, which score top marks from the vast majority of its users. Word then gets around pretty quick.

The more that people hear about it and then try it for themselves, the more positive reviews get posted on online boards and the greater the popularity grows. So that's why it's all the rage right now, has been for ages and will probably continue to be until someone comes up with an even better model (which doesn't seem very likely for the price).