Ventless Portable Air Conditioner: Discover the Facts

If you want a low-cost way to keep cool this summer, a portable air conditioner that is vent free such as an evaporative (swamp) cooler may be perfect for your needs. Discover options that you might not have considered that can both ensure your comfort and save you money during the summer months!

During those long, hot days of summer, there's nothing quite like being able to walk into a nice cool room to escape the sweaty, overpowering heat of the day. Equally there's nothing to beat going to bed in a nice cool room rather than the "sleep-preventing sauna" that an uncooled bedroom can become at night.

While whole house air conditioning is one easy, workable and effective solution, it can also work out to be very expensive and wasteful of energy to run, when most of the time all you need is to keep one or two rooms in the home cool. That being the room that you are occupying at the time.

AC costFor this reason, a free standing air conditioner that is portable and does not require venting to the outside is a perfect solution to reduce your household power costs and do your bit to conserve power which is good for the environment! Being portable, you can easily move it from room to room as you need cooling down on those hot summer days.

So let's look at what a ventless portable air conditioner actually is and the benefits you can gain from owning one as well as any disadvantages they may also have.

What is a Portable Room Air Conditioner with No Venting?

Before I begin on an explanation, it's really important that you understand one vitally important thing about an air conditioner that does not need to vent to the outside:

It does NOT exist!

Hopefully I have established in your mind what a vent free or ventless AC is NOT. All AC units, whether they are portable or fixed must have a way to vent the hot exhaust air they all produce to the outside of the house or they simply will not work to cool a room. AC actually produces more hot air than cold air! You just don't notice because all the heat goes outside.

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Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's now look at what a vent free air cooling device really is. I'll do that by explaining what it is and what it needs to be able to do in order to keep you cool.

To cool the air in a room without producing the hot air which is the by-product of the refrigeration process found in all ACs, a way had to be found to do it without the refrigeration process altogether. The simplest way is to use the same principle that the human body uses to keep itself cool and regulate its temperature, which is the evaporation of moisture.

The body sweats when it's hot to form surface moisture on the skin that creates a chilling effect when it encounters a breeze. Air cooling technicians simply mimicked that process to create a simple unit that moistens a cooling medium, which is usually a porous membrane and the passes forced air through it to produce the same chilling effect.

This type of cooling device is called an evaporative (or swamp) cooler. Swamp coolers only need to power a fan and (some models, not all) a small pump to keep the medium moist via a water-filled reservoir. This makes then very cheap to run because they use hardly any electricity.

A typical swamp cooler will use between 100-200 watts of electricity, which when compared to an equivalent powered AC that uses 2kw or more is an extremely economical alternative using around 1/20 or the energy. That converts into much lower electricity bills through the summer months!

Top Rated Swamp Cooler

One of the most popular and highly rated evaporative coolers on the market at the moment, on sale online at Amazon is the model pictured below right:

The Honeywell CL30XC

Here is a powerful swamp cooler that can deliver a massive 525 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air flow to comfortably cool any room of up to 320 square feet by as much as 25°F. Now while this may not be as much as a comparable AC, it is generally adequate for most people in most situations.

If you think about it, even if your room has gotten to 100°F, this unit can cool it down to around 75°F, which is a very comfortable temperature. Any cooler and you'll be feeling cold!

There's not much point in making you cover yourself with blankets in summer at a huge cost in the energy consumption of an AC unit, so this much cheaper option is tons better all round!

This model comes with some great features such as:

More Highly Rated Evaporative Coolers

There are several other highly rated models that are worthy of a mention here and well worth checking out to compare with the model above. Take a look at these four great, powerful and highly effective, great value coolers below (click the image to visit Amazon for full details):

Breakdown Specs

I bet you'd like to see a summary of the specs for the above four models. So here they are below:

Luma Comfort EC110S

Honeywell CS10XE

NewAir AF-1000W

Portacool PACCYC06

Economical Cooling

If you live in a dry air climate, this is a no brainer for economical cooling indoors or outdoors at a fraction of the cost of a portable AC. It is kind to the environment and contains no harmful refrigerant gases. It uses just plain tap water to keep you cool all day and night!

The only downside as I've already said is that you need to have a fairly dry climate for this device to work at its best.

Remember: If you live in a very humid climate, it will not perform well (or not at all at 100% humidity). So if this is you, do NOT buy a swamp cooler!

On the other hand, there are so many reasons why you should seriously consider opting for evaporative cooling in preference to air conditioning if you live in a dry climate. It just makes so much good sense!

Environmentally Friendly Indoor Climate Control

This newer breed of ecologically beneficial room cooling units that do not rely on the harmful refrigeration gasses present in all aircon units are much kinder to the environment. These innovative devices cool the air they draw in by passing it through a moist membrane (medium) with a powerful fan which then blows out cold air into the room.

These units use far less power to run them than comparable room AC models while being much more friendly to the environment. But not everybody can benefit from the low energy cost and efficiency of evaporating coolers. For this reason, this page also looks at regular portable ACs which will work no matter what the ambient humidity of a room may be.


The major disadvantage of swamp coolers is they do not perform well when the humidity level is high in a room or in their cooling environment. Another thing you should be aware of is that even when used in a dry air climate, you need to have a window open to circulate the moisture produced by the unit out of the room or you'll end up increasing the room's humidity artificially and reduce the unit's ability to keep things cool!

I know this advice goes against the grain when you think of the way air conditioning works, but swamp coolers are different and you won't be reducing their ability to keep you cool by having a window open a little. You'll actually be helping it to work better!

So if you are considering buying a means for cooling your home for this summer, there are plenty of options available to you. But if economy and convenience are uppormost in your mind, then you ought to consider a ventless portable air conditioner as a viable option where cost and energy saving are major factors in your own calculations.

Benefits of a Portable Air Conditioning Unit

portable air conditioner vent freeThere are several advantages to having one of these units instead of a whole house or a larger permanent system is in the cost of running and of course the initial purchase price. The startup costs of purchasing a large system and also having it installed can be expensive, whereas there is a large saving that can be made by choosing a smaller, portable unit. However, the bulk of the cost savings will come later on.

It is normal that a small, free standing aircon unit is going to use far less power than the larger, installed system when the two are compared side by side. When you receive your first power bill after using either system for a summer, you'll see a big difference between the two types.

The real savings come from the way that you use a home cooling system. Larger, whole house systems lend themselves to being left on, cooling every room in a house whether those rooms are being used or not. That's a huge waste of energy and you're paying for that wastage every time you get a bill from your power company. Sure, its convenient to be able to walk around the house without needing to do anything to enjoy the cool air, but that convenience comes at a hefty cost.

It's far more energy efficient to cool only the room on which you are occupying at any given time. After all, you can only physically occupy the room you are in at any one time!

Even if you are a family, unless you are all not talking to each other, you won't all be spread out throughout every room in the house. So the purchase of two or three portable units can still work out a lot cheaper than getting a whole house system (both to buy and to run).

Disadvantages of Portable AC

There are of course some disadvantages to using a portable room air conditioning unit against a fixed, central or whole home system. These usually tend to be when you do happen to have a house full of people such as when you are having family get togethers or parties.

In these cases, you will have lots of people in the house and will need several if not all rooms to be kept cool during hot weather. In these situations, the larger, whole house cooling solution wins hands down. This is because it would not really be cost effective to run several portable units in order to obtain the same level of cooling throughout the whole house.

Otherwise, in general, you would only have your own family in the house and the previous situation would be the exception to the rule.

Buy Portable Air Conditioners Online

You can buy a discount portable, convenient air conditioner online at stores like Amazon and take advantage of their shipping deals as well. This means you can check out the best models online and order from the comfort of your own armchair! How easy and convenient is that!

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