Decorative LED Butterfly Shade Night Light Review

Perfect for lighting hallways and dark spots in your home at night, this decorative butterfly shade night light with LED low power lighting will enhance your home and bring that little extra sense of beauty to the darkest of nights.

There are so many different styles of night time low power illumination solutions that it really comes down to personal preference when choosing the style that you want for your home. Butterflies make a beautiful sight in nature, so why not transpose that beauty to the interior of your home with this simple yet enchanting light.


Here are some of the amazing features that accompany this beautiful and decorative low level night time illumination product:

What The Manufacturer Says

Here is what the manufacturer has to say about this petite and very cute night light@

"Leviton night lights and guide lights provide just the right amount of light at the right time--in styles to please any homeowner. Both product lines include a low-wattage LED model. The night light line offers a choice of standard and automatic on/off lights. This LED decorative shade night light features a charming purple butterfly design."

There is really not much else to add to that except to say that it is on sale right now at a pretty amazing low price online. If it's a small additional piece of low level lighting you need then this is just the thing.

Do You Want to Buy This Night Light?

If you are keen to get your hands on one or more of these great little night time illuminators for your home, then you can get them at Amazon for a price you'll be real pleased with. Just click the orange button above to open the page you want where you can get all the details and latest up to the minute discount price.

What are buyers saying about it? Here are a few excerpts of comments left by happy customers:'s just enough light to see in the bathroom at night. I like the color that gives a nice ambience.

This is a good nightlight... I use it in the bathroom

I was hoping it would light up my entire kitchen and it does. I love not having to turn a light on just to grab something from the fridge or a snack.

Choose which color you prefer (the one pictured is the purple version) and you can join the other owners in having this handy provider of extra low light anywhere you need it.