Butterfly Night Lights

If you love transforming your home into an amazing place to live, the use of accent lighting is a must. Butterfly night lights are beautiful creative ways to achieve this type of effect that can be incredibly stunning. Learn how to vastly improve your home at night by reading this article and the several sub-category articles that are listed at the foot of the page!

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If the look of your home is important to you, then the lighting aspect must surely be a major consideration. By creating amazing light effects using simple and often artistically decorated lamps and accent lighting, you can dramatically alter the mood, feel and appearance of rooms in your home.

Lighting Your Way at Night

When night falls and everyone has gone to bed in your household, it is a common practise to turn off all the lights and unnecessary appliances to conserve energy that would otherwise just be wasted. This is a good idea from an energy conservation viewpoint, but has practical limitations as I shall describe.

If someone gets up in the night for whatever reason, walking around a dark house can be fraught with danger from bumping into things to tripping and falling. Turning on a light can be intrusive and wake other members of the household up or disturb their sleep in some way.

A simple solution is to have installed some very low level lighting that is sufficient to see where you're going while not being intrusive or disturbing to people's sleep. Night lights provide just such low level illumination while drawing very low levels of electricity, especially the new breed of LED powered lights.

So here is a simple solution to preserving a person's well being if they need to move around the house at night without disturbing the sleep of others, while satisfying the need to conserve energy. However, regular night lights can be dull or simple glowing points of illumination which, while functional are not exactly aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

This minor problem is solved by using decorative plug-in units such as the butterfly shaded night lights that are covered here in this lighting section.

What You'll Find Here

This section is focused on creating some incredible yet often subtle effects by making full use of beautifully decorated and formed butterfly might lights and lamps that I have stumbled across while searching for great ways to improve my own home. I'll be taking you through some great examples of what you can find online and how to use them to create the kind of atmospheric effects that you're sure to be looking for.

If you're like me and you really enjoy playing with the look and feel of each room in your home in an attempt to make it into a space that you'll want to spend more time being in and enjoying, then this is a great page for you. Feel free to browse further to see what I have created for you...

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