VTech Kidiminiz KidiCat Review

Does your child love cats? So many kids are totally enamored with them and enjoy keeping one or more as pets. Cats are such fascinating creatures and children find them to be great pets.

So without further ado, let's introduce one of the great new feline characters in the Kidiminis series from Vtech...


Well, if your child is also a big fan of the kinds of toys that are really interesting, loads of fun and give them a level of interaction that allows them to learn, then this incredibly intuitive, electronic pussy cat toy from electronic toy people VTech is going to be an excellent choice as a gift!

Is This the Best Interactive Toy Ever from VTech?

Just imagine how cool this cute cat will be for your child. Kids love new toys and they love toys they can learn from, interact with and have a ton of fun with.

I bet you'd be thrilled to learn more about KidiCat and maybe get one for your child as a great gift!

You are going to be delighted when I tell you all about this amazing interactive toy from Vtech. This little guy is just what younger kids love because it has all the ingredients for a great play time.

Have Fun with this Cat

You can do so much with him. Like customize his face by selecting different eyes, nose and mouth from its built-in choices. You can even play cool video games on his LCD face.

He will tell you when he's hungry and you simply interact with him to satisfy his needs and he'll be a happy kitty.

But best of all is the interactive side of this cute cat. Clap your hands and he will come to life. You can dance with him, sing along to great songs and talk to him too.

He has his own fish on a leash that you can drag slowly across the floor in front of him and watch him follow it. He can make turns and go around objects and will follow the fish endlessly which is great fun until he catches it!

KidiCat will make the purrrrfect electronic pet for a child and one they will get a huge amount of enjoyment and fun from playing with and learning from.

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