Vtech Kidiminiz Interactive Pets

Here's introducing a new breed of interactive pets for children to play with from VTech. The Kidiminiz series of cute pets that interact with your child have been released and are in the stores right now! If you don't have time to get to the stores, you can learn about them online right here!

kidiminiz interactive petsThese little guys have personalities all of their own and come in a variety of different colors to suit all tastes. There is a cute cat, a friendly dog and a cuddly bunny in the collection, each in six cool colors. So what makes these toys so attractive and desirable for kids?

Kidiminiz: the Best Interactive Toy Pets!

They are more than just your average cuddly toys! The name VTech is well known for its educational electronic toys in a wide range of designs and formats. Well these cut pets come with their own electronics that enables owners to customize their facial features and really interact at all levels.

But the best is that not only can they interact with you, they can also interact with each other. This means you can sit two or more of them together and watch as they talk to each other and sing songs together and even dance together. Is that not something your child will absolutely fall in love with!

KidiDog Purple and KidiDog Aqua

kididogKids love dogs and this cute, intelligent toy is certainly just as lovable and endearing as the real thing. Well almost!

KidiDog comes in two colors, purple and aqua blue so you can have two doggy pets that look different and which can talk, sing and bark to each other. Or you can get them to dance by clapping your hands and moving along to some music.

You can even play games on this dog and use his bone on a stick to get him to chase you around the floor!

The built in LCD screen face is customizable so you can change its eyes, nose and mouth to create some interesting configurations. Its arms, legs and ears all move and will start moving all by themselves when you want them to by moving around and making noises yourself.

This puppy also has its own built-in clock with an alarm function that you can use to remind you when its time to wake up in the morning! In its vocabulary, there are over 25 phrases for it to say.

The purple and lavender colored puppy allows you to play games on it and will happily play with other Kidiminiz that are nearby as it can recognize them and tell them apart if there's another dog or cat or bunny. Now that's intuitive!

KidiCat Pink and KidiCat Green

kidicatIf you love cats and your kids do too, then giving a VTech Kidimini KidiCat in either pink or green is an excellent choice! Real cats are well known for being intelligent and inquisitive by nature, while making a wonderful cuddly and furry pet for any child to love.

So when your child catches sight of KidiCat in either cute pink or green and cream colors, they are going to be pretty curious to see what she can do! This kitten does not disappoint!

She has her own fish play piece to follow around when you lead her with it and she will recognize other Kidiminiz toys that are nearby. She can talk to them, dance and sing duets with them or do the same with you!

Her face is an LCD screen that you can change around and make a custom version all of your very own. You can do it by choosing its eyes, nose and mouth and have your very own personal toy pet with its own look and personality!

KidiCat in either color is certainly cute but she's also very clever with it. She makes the perfect gift for a child who loves interacting with their toys.

KidiBunny Pink and KidiBunny Orange

kidibunnyWho doesn't just love cute little bunny rabbits? Most kids do! They make great pets and are super cuddly and fluffy to hold and snuggle up to. Well if your child loves bunnies, then they will get a real lift out of receiving a VTech Kidimini KidiBunny in either pink or orange/purple!

This cute toy bunny has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. For starters, its face is really an LCD screen that can be customized and personalized by choosing which eyes, mouth and nose you want it to have. There is a built-in clock with an alarm that you can use to wake up in the mornings if you want. You can also play games on there if you want for endless hours of fun!

But there's a whole load more!

KidiBunny loves to play with you and can talk to you, move around, dance and even sing along with you! It can also do these things with other Kidiminis that are close by because it can recognize them and interact with them too.

This clever bunny comes with its own carrot play piece that it will recognize and follow around to wherever you want to lead it to. Isn't that just the perfect gift?

Looking to Buy VTech Toys?

If you like these toys and want to buy them for a child, you can find out a lot more about them by visiting a great online store where they are on sale and you can read real customer reviews while taking advantage of some of the lowest prices online. It's simple to do by clicking the orange button below which opens the page you want to visit directly for you. (Link taken down as details have changed since publication - I will update soon).