Pillow Pets Dream Lites for Kids

What do you believe the best plush toys are for kids these days? There are lots of different characters from a huge range of TV shows, commercials and books that you can choose from.

snuggly puppyThis cool page explores some of what I consider are the top characters from the Pillow Pets Dream Lites collection of plush toys that are proving to be extremely popular at the moment. So why not grab a coffee and get comfortable because this could turn out to be just the article you were looking to read!

First off, why are these ones considered the "best" of the Pillow Pets? I believe it's simply because they are child friendly, easy to use as night lights, soft and cuddly as plush toys and come with the highest recommendations from Amazon customers!

The Best Plush Toys for Kids?

Choosing the right kind of toy for your child can be frustratingly difficult with so many to choose from. Personally, I go for those that are as harmless as I can find while still providing plenty of enjoyment and fun for my own young daughter to get her grips on.

Kids seem to love playing with these great toys and because they are soft and pretty durable, they are perfect for younger children and toddlers as they won't cause any harm. They can be squished and squeezed, thrown across the room and thrown at other kids and all they'll do is create laughter and joy!

Now that's my kind of toy!

Of course, you might be interested to find out what the most popular gift ideas are for kids right now. Check out the top Christmas gift recommendations for kids, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Pillow Pets Night Light

pillow pets dream litesIf these toys were just regular plush, I'd be really happy with them. But they have another whole amazing feature that can light up your child's bedroom in the most fantastic way! They have special built-in lights on their backs that create a starry night light effect on the ceiling of the room to gently soothe your child to sleep in the nicest way!

How do they work?

Simple! When your child goes to bed, the toy can be easily switched on to provide the display as long as there are fresh batteries inserted (3x AAA are needed and it helps to know that they are NOT included with the toy when it's shipped).

There is a built in timer, so you don't have to worry about draining the batteries by leaving it switched on all night! The lights shut off after about 20 minutes, which should be enough time for your child to have dropped off to sleep!

Question: Are Dream Lites bright enough to light up the whole room?

They are moderately bright and will create enough residual light to see by, although not enough to read safely by.

But wait, there's even more good stuff here! The lights don't all just shine white. You get a choice of colors with four options.

You can have single colors shining when you set it to one of green, blue or amber or the fourth setting rotates all the colors for a multicolour light show that will be sure to fascinate your child while sending him or her off to a peaceful night's sleep.

The Pillow Pets Dream Lites Characters

There are a total of eleven different cute characters that make up the pillow Pets Dream Lites stable. Each one has its own personality and special looks and children love to play with them, cuddle them and enjoy being totally fascinated by the night time lights they display.

If you don't know all the names, here they are:

Each one has its own unique character traits and when mixed in with the amazing imaginative abilities of children, takes on a life of its own. Some kids have only one Pillow Pet toy and that's great because one is better than none!

While other kids have two or three or even more of the cuddlesome cuties to keep them company.

Does your child (or children) have one or more of these great playthings? If they have more, do they have certain favorites?

I've added a section below where you can read about your (or your child's/children's) particular fav toy from their collection. Or even check out one or more of the characters that you/they would most like to have.

Official Dream Lites - Pillow Pets Video

Take a look at this cool promo video for these lovable lighting plush toys:

I think you'll agree these are highly collectable and easily lovable characters that kids will absolutely fall in love with!

Choose Your Favorite Character

Go ahead and check out your personal favorite (or that of your child's) out of the group. Each product description comes with a handy link to Amazon where you find out their current best price as well as leave your own comment/review if you like! Or you can provide your very own pillow pet personality description, or any other favorite from the range!

Snuggly Puppy

Of all the different animal characters a child could have as a special cuddly pet, who wouldn't love their very own plush puppy to snuggle up to? Well here's one very special soft furry pup that has more to it than meets the eye!

When your child goes to bed at night, what could be better than to be gently soothed to sleep by a starry ceiling light display projected by their very own snuggly companion? This little guy makes the darkness recede away and with it anything scary that might be keeping your child awake at night.

Pillow Pets Dream Lites: Snuggly Puppy on sale

The gentle lights are bright enough to cast some low level light into the room while being not too bright to be distracting. This makes it a perfect gift for your child on any special occasion!

Pillow Pets Dream Lites: Snuggly Puppy

What does your child wish for as their perfect gift for a special occasion? Do they long for a cuddly companion to snuggle up to when they're feeling tired or just need a hug? Well, here is one that certainly fits that particular desire!

Snuggly Puppy is one of the more popular Dream Lites Pillow Pets and is certain to make a child happy and put a great big smile on his or her face! Check out these cool features:

Snuggly Puppy Features

You're sure to want to see some of the features that make this canine cuddly toy so wantable:

  1. Comforting soft fur is great to snuggle up to
  2. Doubles as a star display night light to make bed time fun
  3. Automatic shutoff timer switches off lights after 20 minutes
  4. Soothes a child to sleep and curbs fear of the dark
  5. As Seen On TV

Snuggly Puppy is a golden blonde puppy plush toy that has great soft fur that is perfect for any child to snuggle up close with. The night light function creates a dual function toy that can turn a room into a starry display at the flick of a switch.

How Does the Night Light Work?

The toy runs on 3x AAA batteries (or an AC adapter, neither of which are included with the toy so need to be purchased separately). To operate, simply flick the switch to turn on the lights.

You can set it to display single colors of either one of blue, green or yellow or set the looping feature which rotates between all three colors every four seconds. The last mode is particularly soothing for kids watching the light display on their ceiling as it really does lull them off to sleep in a relaxing and comforting way.

There is also a timer switch that shuts the lights off automatically after twenty minutes. This is a great addition for helping to conserve the life of the batteries and save you some money too.

The toy is made in a really clever way, because it folds up to be a cuddly plush for use during the daytime as a regular toy. But when your child goes to bed at night, it's simply a case of opening up the toy so that it lays flat when in use as a night light.

This helps to prevent it from moving around, especially if the child has placed it on a pile of books or other items on their bedside stand or table.

The best way to place it is to lay it on a completely flat surface. It is more stable and not likely to roll over that way, which would cause the light show to move to someplace else and spoil the effect.

Note: The toy is designed to be tough and hard wearing as well as soft and cuddly, although it is recommended for ages 3 and over.

Pink Butterfly

Kids love colorful butterflies and this cutie Pillow Pets Dream Lites Pink Butterfly is the perfect companion for your child. It comes with its own light show to take to bed so your child can enjoy watching the starry effect on their ceiling as they drift off to sleep peacefully without any worry over the fear of the dark.

This ever-so-cute pink butterfly model of the Dream Lites collection is a great cuddly plush toy that any young child will get a great deal of enjoyment from. Both as a cute friend to cuddle up to and as a fascinating indoor starlight show to watch from their bed at night!

Pillow Pets Dream Lites: Pink Butterfly on sale

What could be better to light up your child's bedroom at night? So if you're racking your brain for a great gift to give a child, here is one they will totally fall in love with!

Pillow Pets Dream Lites: Pink Butterfly

Children love to watch butterflies flutter along and flit from flower to flower in the springtime in parks, fields or even in their own backyard. So giving them a soft plush toy with this adorable character is a great idea and one they will love!

This is a toy character that children know and instantly recognize, making it popular and eagerly accepted as a gift on any special occasion. But there is a lot more to this cute cuddlesome toy than just its furry outward appearance.

When the day comes to an end and the darkness falls, bedtime for young children can often be a fearful time especially if they are afraid of the dark. Well, this great toy comes to the rescue!

Starry Night Light

Unwrap the toy and lay it flat, flick the switch and a cute, cuddly butterfly toy becomes an amazing starry light display that brings the walls and ceiling to life! In among the stars that are projected into the air is an image of Pink Butterfly's face that brings smiles and comfort to any child.

There are some great features that come with this toy, such as its auto-shut-off mode to save your battery life and the ability to change the color of the light or have a rotating color show. In the morning, a rested and happy child wakes to see their new friend right there beside them, ready to be wrapped up and cuddled some more!

What a great gift idea!

How Does The Pink Butterfly Night Light Work?

This toy is really easy to operate. Simply flick the switch to turn on the lights and set the controls to the display option you prefer. You can change between any one of the three single colors, which are yellow, green or blue or set it to display all three colors in rotation on a loop every four seconds.

You can also set it to automatically shut off the light display after twenty minutes. This is a great power saving feature that will help your batteries to last longer.

The rest is up to the imagination of the child who is enjoying their very own glitzy light show when they go to bed. Here is where the imagination comes into full swing as they can lie back and imagine themselves being transported to the stars in a futuristic spaceship.

They might be imagining camping out under the stars in a big field or in their back yard and gazing up at the night sky trying to count all the stars they can see. How your child makes the most of their display is of course totally personal and unique to them and their own imagination. However it goes, it's sure to be great!

Incidentally, the unit requires three AAA size batteries to operate and these are not supplied with the toy. So make sure you get some in so you don't disappoint the young recipient of the gift!

Rainbow Unicorn

Filled with images of a fantasy landscape and mythical creatures galore, your child will certainly appreciate being able to play with their very own cuddly plush unicorn in a rainbow of colors. They'll adore cuddling up to its soft furry texture while inventing the truly fantastic visualization games that only a child's imagination can conjure up!

Yet, there's an even more amazing side to this cute plush toy. When you child goes to bed at night, not only will he or she be able snuggle up to its soft fur, they will also be treated to a starry light display that will gently lull them to sleep in comfort and with that secure feeling that comes when the room is not totally dark.

Pillow Pets Dream Lites: Rainbow Unicorn on sale

Pillow Pets Dream Lites: Rainbow Unicorn

For lovers of all things mystical and magical, this particular plush toy is a firm favorite with many kids. Unicorns are wonderfully imagination stimulators and crate imaginary worlds where strange beasts live and interact with one another.

OK, this is a toy for a small child, but it's from these interesting beginnings that grow fruitful imaginations! And after all that mental activity has worn the child out, they can simply cuddle up to this cute plush toy and feel secure and comforted.

Rainbow Unicorn Features

Feast your eyes on these great features that make this toy so desirable:

  1. Very cuddly and soft plush toy provides snuggles to the max
  2. Doubles as a cool tricolor night light
  3. Auto shutoff function to save batteries
  4. As seen on TV

The fun doesn't stop there! This Pillow Pets Dream Lites Rainbow Unicorn transforms itself from a humble soft toy into a magical light show that is just made for exciting and awe-inspiring bed time!

This unicorn can turn a room into a star filled light extravaganza when its laid out flay and switched on. Great for play time, afternoon snooze time and bed time!

How Does The Rainbow Unicorn Night Light Work?

To operate the night time light display feature, simply press the button to switch it on. It starts to project stars and an image of Rainbow Unicorn's face onto the ceiling or walls of your room.

This creates a mystical, magical and fascinating environment for kids. It also acts to dispel the darkness and any fear of it, while relaxing and soothing then to sleep.

There are additional switch locations to control the display to be single color (green, blue, yellow) or a continual loop of alternating colors that change from one to the next every four seconds. There is another control that sets the auto-timer function which shuts off the light after twenty minutes of continual operation to help conserve the battery life.

The lighting device runs off three AAA size batteries that are not included with the toy, so make sure you remember to buy some. There's nothing worse than seeing a happy, excited face turn to a frown when the toy the child just got doesn't work and you don't have any batteries for it! Worse for you if its Christmas Day and all the stores are closed, so be prepared!

Remember also, this toy is recommended for children aged 3 and above.

Playful Penguin

Kids love penguins and this cute cuddly plush with a difference is certainly no exception. So what's the big difference between this and other plush toys?

This little feller packs a set of night lights to light up your child's bedroom walls or ceiling when bed time arrives to create a starry light effect that will help avert any fear of the dark that he or she might have. It also creates a relaxing, soothing light show that will help your child get off to sleep in comfort thanks to its calming effect.

The lights are multicolour, with a deep blue, green or amber to choose from. You can set them to display just a single color all the time or change the display to an alternating show of all of them in rotational fashion.

Pillow Pets Dream Lites: Playful Penguin on sale

But aside from the light show spectacular that will help any child get off to a restful, comfy sleep, don't forget the cuddle factor! This plush toy is a true winner in the cute and cuddly department too.

So you are really getting two amazing toys in one cute, cuddly package here. How perfect is that when you are wondering what to get as a gift for your child (or someone else's) on that special occasion?

Pillow Pets Dream Lites: Playful Penguin

There are so many great reasons to give a child Perky Penguin as a gift. There's nothing quite like a great cuddly plush toy that kids love to snuggle up to. It's even better when that toy is a character they know and love. These cool Pillow Pets are definitely that!

But they are so much more than just cuddly companions for a kid to play with. The extra feature of transforming from plush toy into super cool night light display base is an exciting and intriguing one for any child!

Take a look at these great features that come with this cute penguin toy:

Playful Penguin Features

Just take a look at these great features that define this superb toy:

  1. Playful penguin soft fur for max cuddlesome-ness
  2. Fantastic tri-color night light display
  3. Auto shut off timer built-in
  4. Kids know and love the character

Playful Penguin is a fun cuddlesome toy that doubles as a cool night lite designed to make bed time mega-fun! During the day, your child can enjoy snuggling up to his or her furry black and white Antarctic bird with the softest fur and the brightest yellow soft beak.

But it's at bedtime that this cute toy really comes into its own. The amazing night light feature turns a boring bedroom into a fantastic star-clad skyscape that is fascinating to watch and enjoy.

Plus it chases away the darkness in the nicest way to help calm your child and send him or her off to the land of slumber in the very nicest and best way.

How Does it Work?

First thing you need to do is find a good place to put the toy. Then open it out so you can lay it flat for the best projection angle.

To operate the night light option, simply press the button and it will project a starlit sky right onto the walls and ceiling. It needs 3x AAA batteries that are not included, so you'll need to have some handy so as not to disappoint!

There are 4 light options to choose from, starting with a steady color (choose from amber, blue or green) or have all three colors continually loop around every 4 seconds. The last option is great for producing a tranquil undulating light display that is both fascinating to watch and calming to go to sleep to.

The face of Playful Penguin is also projected among the stars to add to the interest value of the display. One of the great benefits is that it creates a restful environment conducive to helping kids drop into a deep, restful sleep. The timer can be set to shut off the lights after 20 minutes operation.

The toy folds up neatly into its pet form again in the morning and once again becomes that super cuddly penguin friend for your child to enjoy playing with and cuddling.

Note: Suitable for children aged 3 and older.

Jolly Giraffe

This cute cuddly giraffe forms part of the collection of amazing furry plush animals that are just perfect for your child to go to bed and cuddle up to or when playing. It makes a cool and very clever starry night light when going to bed.

This friendly, lovable Giraffe will soon become your child's most cherished toy pet that will bring countless hours of playtime fun. When the end of the day comes, he or she will have a spectacular starry light display on their ceiling or wall as they lay in their bed at night.

In addition to being what can only be described as a truly awesome and very cuddly plush toy, Jolly Giraffe will really make their bedroom sparkle at night when the main lights are turned off. The light show can be shown in three colors that are displayed either one at a time or as an rotating cycle of great colourful starry lights.

Pillow Pets Dream Lites: Jolly Giraffe on sale

If you need an idea for a child's gift for that special occasion, here is a perfect one!

Pillow Pets Dream Lites: Jolly Giraffe at Amazon

For one of the best gift ideas you will ever find for any child, you won't get a better deal than Amazon can give you to find your perfect illuminated Pillow Pet character.

Jolly Giraffe is featured there in all his cute, long necked glory! This great plush toy is sure to make a kid happy as happy can be! Look at these great features:

Jolly Giraffe Features:

There are some attractive features that bring it home just how desirable cuddly toy can be for a child:

  1. Sleep timer option with an automatic shut-off after 20 minutes
  2. Night light turns your bedroom ceiling into a starry sky
  3. Perfect for playtime, sleep time or anytime at all
  4. Much loved character toy

This cool Pillow Pet Dream Lites toy is a truly amazing one. It transforms from a regular cuddly plush to a wondrous nightlight projector that can transform a kid's bedroom ceiling into an awesome multicolor starry sky. To start the display, press the button and it will project the starry points of light on the ceiling and the walls of the room.

This creates an almost magical, tranquil environment that is perfect for helping kids to slip into a soothing and restful sleep. It's also great for those children who have a fear of the dark as it dispels enough of the darkness to take away that fear while helping to relax and calm the child.

How Does Jolly Giraffe Nightlight Work?

It's so easy making this lovable character change from a super plush to a projected night time ceiling display. A simple switch that activates the lights, plus it is switchable between the display modes.

Jolly Giraffe comes with four projection options that can send out a single, steady blue, green or amber light, or set it to display all three colors that will change every four seconds in a loop. Jolly Giraffe's face will also be projected along with the stars to make for a stunning light show.

To save battery power and make the three AAA batteries (not included) last longer, you can simply switch into timer mode. This will automatically shut off the light after 20 minutes.

Jolly Giraffe is perfect for playtime and is a great cuddly plush toy that any child will love.

One last thing: Because of the lighting feature, this toy is designed for children aged three years and upward.

A Toy For Maximum Enjoyment

So there you have the most popular of these truly lovable furry playthings that have a great dual function as huggable and lightshow collectibles. You can start with a single one and then get the others one by one if you like, or get them all in one go!

However you collect them, you'll be giving a small person a gift to enjoy for a long time to come.