Party Games for Teenagers

Being a teenager has its ups and downs. But when its time to party, there is no better age than teenage! Parties are great fun and they should be, so choosing the right games to keep the fun flowing is an art well worth mastering.

It really depends on where you're holding the party, but some evergreen games like the ever popular Twister are great in or outdoors. The where is usually dictated by the weather, so summer time usually means outdoor party time in the yard, on the grass or around the pool (if you have one).

Winter means longer, colder nights so those indoor parties are more in keeping with everyone being comfortable while they enjoy themselves. Games vary according to the people who are partying, but ones that can involve everyone are often the favorites.


You may or may not be old enough to remember when this game first hot the stores, but I can tell you it was long before there was an Internet to search for it or an Amazon to buy it from! In fact, Twister has been around for over 40 years and it has managed to retain its popularity throughout most of that time.

Right now, it's one of the top party games for all ages. It's particularly well suited to teen parties since you need to be pretty young and flexible to twist your body around all the others trying to put hands or feet down on the colored markers!

Playing Twister couldn't be simpler or generate more fun and excitement. A simple spinner tells each player where they should place their hand or foot and you take turns to do the acrobatics according to the spin of the arrow!

The object of the game is to be the last person still upright (on a hand, hands foot or feet) while everyone else has collapsed in a hilarious heap on the mat! From start to finish, this is one game that will literally tie everyone up in knots while being the center for a lot of laughter and fun!

You can buy Twister online at Amazon for a really great price (click the image above to check out the page where you can get all the details on price, availability, shipping and of course get to read some customer reviews and other stuff. Do you have a fun party planned for pretty soon? Well, get this game if you haven't already got it because it will really get people together in the funniest ways possible!

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Toss n Topple

Triumph Sports Toss 'N Topple is one of those games that allows you to create your own carnival-style game for outdoor events.

Whether you're getting together for a for backyard BBQ or maybe a camping trip or tailgating at the big game, this is one way to ensure hours of fun will be had by all.

Work in teams or as individual players. You take turns in tossing discs toward the opposite pole, with the object being to try and knock the bottle off its perch.

The two red and black poles have heavy weighted bases so they keep stable and are adjustable to provide for different levels of game play.

The poles are easy to assemble in no time at all with no tools required. The set includes a black flying disc plus two red plastic target bottles.

All you need is there ready for the games to get underway. Simply set up the poles and your good to go!

To make breaking down a cinch, both poles disassemble quickly and fit neatly along with all the game's accessories into the carry bag that's included in the package for easy transportation.

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Say Anything

If you're looking for a really cool party game for teens that everyone can join in with and have a great time, it has to be "Say Anything" by North Star Games.

The award winning game is perfect for playing at parties and anytime friends get together to relax and enjoy themselves.

This is a game with lots of questions but no right or wrong answers. Just interesting ones that everyone can have a great time putting forward.

The idea is you can simply voice your own opinions or views and so it with creative responses that will pique the curiosity and imagination of the other players while getting everyone talking and having a good laugh together.

The object is to answer a fun question with your own ideas and then everyone judges which one is the best answer. Just remember to keep things light hearted and not to take anything anyone says too seriously!

It's the perfect game to bring out when the party is in need of an injection of fun or to break the ice when there are people who don't know each other very well or even have just met for the first time.

You'll soon bet getting to know each other and finding common ground that brings new friends together. It's a fantastic way to get to know people!

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