Most people get excited when they think about the greatest toys and games of their own childhood and then relate it to what's happening right now. This year, the standard of toys for kids has gone through the roof as has those of the multitude of games that are available.

You can buy just about every imaginable kind of toy or game that takes in an amazing variety of ideas and themes, characters and situations. the choice is so vast that it become pretty overwhelming for parents to try and appease their children's desires for the latest toy, game or coolest plaything that their friend already have or are soon to be getting.

Buying Toys Online

toys cuddly dollsBut help is at hand to save the day. The Internet has also grown at an exponential rate and now you can save yourself a trip to the stores and source everything online. The power is right at your fingertips to search and find exactly what you want (or more correctly, what your kids want).

This lens is here to make that job even easier by putting a great list of the best toys and games that are available right now at the world's favorite online store, Amazon! Sure, you can search for stuff over there and its pretty easy to do now. But how about we do it for you and make an easy task even easier!

Or alternatively you could just skip this page and head straight over to the Amazon Best Sellers List by clicking that link!

Incidentally, why do we rate the following toys the "top" ones? Simply because they show up at the top of the Amazon bestseller and top toys lists... Oh yeah, and also because my own daughter and her friends said so!

Why Go For the Latest Toys?

It's probably nothing more or less than basic human nature to want what is thrust in front of our eyes at any given time, especially when a smooth talking TV advertisement is doing the thrusting! But apart from the obvious "getting sold" on a product, why do we really need to have that latest, greatest toy?

If the TV advertisers aren't getting through to our brains' "wanna have" receptors, then peer pressure will finish the job those clever admen started. It only takes a popular kid at school to broadcast to everyone within earshot that he or she is getting this or that latest toy for Christmas or Birthday and everyone wants one.

So even if you, as a parent try your utmost to steer your children away from the TV set when the commercial breaks start up in the lead-up to the Christmas holidays, they are going to be sold on whatever is the latest, best toy or game. And it's going to happen at school, or after school when kids get together and play, or even at weekends when they are out of range of your watchful eye.

What are you gonna do? Buy the thing of course!

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