The Indoor Tent Sleep Over

One of the joys of being a child is being able to have a sleepover at a friend's house, and what better place than camping in a kid's indoor tent! So let's take a look at that enjoyable side of owning one of these great tents that you can put up indoors and let your kids (and other people's kids too) have a great time.

Making the Arrangements

Before anything can happen, the arrangements for the sleepover need to be worked out so everyone knows what everyone else is doing and where the kids will be for the night. There is nothing worse for a parent than the slightest uncertainty in that area. We need to know exactly where our kids are at all time!

Now that's settled and we know our little ones will be spending the night at whoever's and their parents are responsible, we can relax a little. We certainly don't need to be leaving our kid where the people doing the looking after are likely to decide to go out and leave the kids alone, or get drunk or anything irresponsible and downright stupid like that!

The Exciting Day Arrives

So now we know which day, or more correctly night the kids will be having their sleepover at their friend's place and we're happy that the parents are totally trustworthy, we can get all the stuff together the kids will need for the night. That will not usually be too much stuff, but pyjamas or nightwear, flashlights, toothbrushes and any special cuddly toy or blanket that the kids absolutely must have with them need to be put into a hold-all bag and maybe some snacks, just in case.

Once they have been dropped off and safely indoors, you can happily drive away and know they are going to be just fine and have a blast! So what is happening in there, anyway?

The Sleepover

The kids will be playing together, maybe having something to eat and eventually getting ready for bed. The beds of course will be in the tent, with sleeping bags and flashlights and a whole lot of fun is about to begin.

Once the kids are bedded down inside the tent, don't expect they'll be sleeping anytime soon. Oh no, it'll be time to tell each other spooky stories, hold flashlights under chins and generally keep each other awake for as long as possible just talking, joking and having fun.

The great thing about this kind of sleepover is that the parents supervising the kids won't have too much to do. Being indoors is a whole load safer and easier to control than being in a tent in the yard and if one of the kids needs something in the night, it's simply a case of coming into the room where the tent is and sorting out their problem.

Tents Are Cool

The whole evening was made possible by having a great indoor tent or tee pee. Depending on how many kids are sleeping over, the size of the tent needs to accommodate them all comfortably and be pretty much like sleeping in a regular outdoor tent.

In fact, for all intents and purposes, once the kids are inside the play tent, they don't really notice any difference, except maybe there won't be any wild animal sounds or owls hooting! But you could always improvise that one it necessary!