Packing Away Play Tents

If you have every struggled with packing away an indoor play tent, you should read this. It will explain the easiest way of getting it done!

You have probably been there already, got the play tent out of the case and it sprung itself into shape so fast you didn't even see how it did it, right? That was probably fine; the kids loved it and played in it for a while.

You got to get on with some housework or relaxing with a book or magazine while the kids had a great time. Then came time to pack it away. Sure, no problem. Just read the instructions and it should go back the way it came out as easy as anything. At least that's what you thought until you started to mess with it.

What Comes Out Should Go Back

But wait, the instructions say grab tab A in one hand (it doesn't say which) and grab tab B in the other hand. OK you got that. Then you grab Tab C and do some weird twisting thing with it. The picture doesn't really show you what's going on there, so you try contorting it and twisting it this way and that and it just springs back into shape as you accidentally let go of tab B.

Or was it tab A?

You try again and fail as miserably as you did the first time. The once again fully erect tent sits there mocking you now. Its once cute little windows now resemble baleful eyes staring at you and daring you to try and roll its bulk into the impossibly small circle you started with. OK, It's probably not as bad as all that, but the image comjured up can be wryfully irritating, nevertheless. Even the best kid's indoor play forts and tents can seem difficult to take down at first.

Surely it Can't Be This Difficult?

So you read the instructions again, trying to make some sense of them. It's like they were written by a sadistic, bored office worker late on Friday afternoon who just wants to get out of there and hit the bars.

You give up on the instructions and get online to try to find out if anyone can shed some light on this infuriating conundrum. And you found me! Lucky for you!

Actually it's pretty simple, you just have to get the hang of it. You really do need to start with the tabs A and B pulled together. Now hold then tight while you bring up tab C, push down enough so the two rings you have splay out, then twist once to create three smaller circles that all lay down together.

At the foot of the page is a simple video showing how to put up and pack down one of these indoor tents (and any similar memory wire based products). Simples when you see it done by someone else.