Kids Love Indoor Play Tents and Forts

When they have to play indoors for whatever reason, kids love to invent games they can play inside a play tent or fort and it keeps them occupied for hours. So what is it that makes this particular type of plaything such an attractive and enjoyable thing for kids?

There are several possible reasons here. So this article will take a look at play tents, play houses or forts for kids or just about anything that can be used as a private enclosed space where children can safely let their imaginations run wild.


Probably one of the major reasons for the lure of the play house or other enclosed space is the perceived security it provides along with a sense of privacy that children can enjoy inside one. Psychologists will doubtless be able to explain this trait in a more scientific way than I can. But what it pretty much boils down to is that when you're a kid, it feels cool to be able to play inside your own little space.

A play house or play tent is a place a child can escape from the watchful eye of mom and allow their imagination to create an entire mini world of make believe all within a special place that they can feel safe inside. I often watch my own young daughter disappear inside her play tent taking a collection of dolls and cuddly toys with her for a tea party or so she can be teacher and read books to them.

Make Believe

I'm sure that a big part of the reason that this type of low tech plaything is such a popular one especially with younger kids, is that it allows them to get into a world of make-believe that modern technology seems to be trying to strip away. Inside their own little space they can let their imaginations grow and create their entertainment for them.

This is totally the opposite of watching TV or playing computer games, where all the imagination has been done for them. In these situations, they don't need to try and create anything themselves, just watch or interact at a conscious but uncreative level.

I'm not sure these tech advances are such a good thing for children. At the early development stage of their minds, I believe it is important to feed their imaginations with as much creative stuff as possible and that cannot be done by machines that do it for them. It has to be self created!

So this is pretty much why play tents, houses or forts are such great imagination feeders, as all they provide is the physical situation and the child's imagination creates the rest!