Inside Forts for Kids to Play In

Have you ever been stuck for something to entertain the kids indoors on a wet day when they simply cannot go outdoors to play? Well here's a fantastic solution that will not only get them out from under your feet, but keep them entertained for several hours on end!

Play forts that can be erected in minutes create a mini-play zone in your living room that the kids can get inside and let their imaginations run away with them in creating their very own games and adventures. The fort itself is little more than an indoor tent, but to a child it signifies a solid building they can get inside, play and be visually separated from anyone else in their own little playtime world.

What Kinds of Play Forts Are There?

There is a pretty big variety of different indoor play forts that you can buy for your children. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit the number and age of your kids and their demands for level of simplicity or complexity as well as designs and styles.

They start from small roofed tents up through ever larger real forts to castles and keeps that can be the basis for active imaginations to manifest real mini-worlds of adventure and fun. Even if you only have one child, they can have a lot of fun creating their own games and including their toys inside the fort.

The more kids you have around, the larger size of fortress you'll need, but you'll generally find they will adapt to whatever they have at hand.

Do Boys Prefer Play Forts?

Forts, keeps and castles generally have more of an attraction for boys, because they will prefer to play the kinds of games that involve those kinds of structures. That will often include mock battles, defending against imaginary attacking armies or hordes of mythical creatures.

They can also be transformed into car repair garages where their fleet of toy cars get supercharged and tuned up for races. Or they can become workshops where toy carpentry tools can be used to construct imaginary buildings or they can get out their construction tools to dig holes in the road or build Lego or Mechano structures.

Girls Like Them Too

Girls will play in them too, showing their tomboy side when it comes to getting rough and active with (or without) the boys! But a fort can also be transformed into a homestead where a girl can hold tea parties or play cooking classes with their friends. Or pretend to play happy families with friends.

Or they can become a classroom where their dolls get their education at the hands of their caring teacher! Or they can become hospitals where patients get the best nursing care in the world!

Whatever your kids end up playing at inside their own play forts, you can be sure they are enjoying themselves. At the same time, they are giving you a bit of breathing space to get on with what you have to do without having to keep a constant vigil on what the kids are doing!