Ever After High Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman Dolls

For avid collectors of Ever After High dolls, introducing a double treat for you with Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman together in a two doll gift set you will go crazy over. Will you be able to resist their incredible charm as lovers from the popular animated Youtube series?

ever after high ashlynn ella and hunter huntsman dolls on sale

Just so you know who these two characters are, beautiful Ashlynn Ella is cast as the daughter of fairytale Cinderella. She stands beside her beloved Hunter Huntsman, who is the son of the fabled Huntsman. Ashlynn is an Ever After royal character while Hunter is a rebel yet their unstoppable forbidden love still blossoms despite their different heritages.

This fashionable and greatly adored couple look so charming in their awesome outfits. Designed to add a truly modern edge to an otherwise fairytale storybook beauty, you're going to notice the incredible detail in their respective outfits in the image to the right.

Hunter is wearing a natural green shirt matched by an earthy brown hoodie. He also wear a leather vest matched with fashionable tan pants that are casually tucked into hiking boots.

In contrast, Ashlynn really stands out in a truly gorgeous modern princess styled dress. Her outfit is designed with a floral print on the skirt with an intricately detailed bodice inlay. She carries with her a fashionable clock handbag and wears beautiful jewelry.

Both dolls come with stands, key style hairbrush and exclusive story bookmarks that tell their own very special tales.

What Will You Do With Your Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman Dolls?

Do you need some ideas on what to do with these great additions to your Ever After High doll collection? Take a look at these:

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Huntsman of the Forest: Mini Story

While this may not have any real bearing on the actual show itself, it's always interesting to add a little sparkle to the scene. In this case, imagine the scenario:

In the enchanted forest where the trees grow tall and the undergrowth is thick and concealing, the brave and fearless huntsman stalks his quarry across miles of leaf strewn forest floor. An evil renegade stag has been banished from his heard by the other males in disgrace and is now seeking his revenge for what he considers a travesty of justice.

The stag's crime was to take females that did not belong to him and try to form a breakaway herd. But the alpha stag and his brothers found out before the renegade could carry out his plan. They stopped him and cast him out of the herd forever.

The huntsman knew of this and discovered the stag's evil plot to return to the herd and kill the alpha stag and all his brothers using magic gleaned from a bad wizard who is practising the black arts. he now stalks the stag intent on killing him before he can return to the herd and wipe out all the males.

His quarry now in sight across a small clearing, the huntsman silently draws his bow and takes aim with a single, gold fletched arrow. The stag raises his head, his sixth sense warning him of approaching danger, but his eyes see nothing untoward. He stands stock still, unsure whether to flee or stand his ground.

There is no more time left, it must be now or never. The huntsman releases the arrow and it finds its target, piercing the heart of the evil stag and putting a final end to his vengeful plan.

Hope you enjoyed that mini-story!