Ever After High Apple White Doll

Of all the gorgeous Ever After High dolls that are on sale, the Apple White character is surely one of the most beautiful that you'll want to get to know better! You can add her to your collection, or get it started with her right now since she is waiting for you to buy her!

ever after high apple white doll on sale

In the ever popular Youtube animated series, this royal leader we have come to know and love as Apple White is actually the chic and elegant daughter of fairytale character Snow White. The doll that takes her name from the character is neatly dressed in an outfit that is both spellbinding and highly fashionable, taking its styling from a timeless fairytale design.

As you doubtless notice in the image on the right, this awesome doll comes with her own stand, signature-styled crown headpiece, elegant jewelry items, high style handbag, really chic shoes and a hairbrush.

What Will You Do With Your Exclusive Apple White Doll?

Here are some ideas that you can use for what to do with your newest and most cherished addition to your collection:

Sure, price isn't everything when you're talking about a collectible character doll like this one. A big attraction is the simple fact that you can actually buy a beautiful doll that is the characterization of a cult series that is gaining in popularity. That's something worth its weight in gold for the avid collector of these amazing dolls!

You Can Buy this Doll Right Now for a Special Person

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