Ever After High Dolls

Anyone who loves collecting TV character themed dolls will instantly fall in love with the Ever After High dolls that are on sale promoting the popular animated Youtube series. You can watch the series any time on Youtube, which is great for anyone new to the show. buy ever after high dollsThere is a TV pilot scheduled for early 2014 and if it shows promise, as it is sure to do, it will be made into a full blown TV series!

So welcome to this Ever After High Dolls themed website that takes a look at the dolls themselves that are currently for sale in stores and online and seeks to bring your attention to just how amazing they are! I have created a separate page for each doll and her character so you can get all the information you need on these awesome models and their individual personal stories.

Best Dolls from the Ever After High Series

So which are the best dolls from the series? Well I'll leave that to you as the choice must be totally subjective and depending on which character you associate with the most. I'm sure you'll soon make up your own mind as to which is your favorite of them all.

Of course, for the true die hard collector, they will all have their own personalities, good and bad points and plenty in between. many will love them all equally while others may have a slight bias toward one or other of the characters. I know I do.

Do you want to know my own personal favorite? OK, I'll let you in on that little secret. It's that rebel...

Madeline Hatter!

Are You a Collector?

Lots of people love to collect memorabilia from TV series and since this particular one is scheduled to make its way from Youtube to the TV in its own series, I guess it's going to be a big hit among fans of its parent series, Monster High. So with that in mind, now might actually be a really good time to get in from the ground up and start collecting these dolls their accessories and related merchandise.

So if you're an avid collector of this kind of thing and perhaps dolls in particular, I'm pretty sure you're already considering adding these wonderful character dolls to your own collection. After all, they are going to be huge pretty soon. So why not get in on the act before everyone else?

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