Benefit Cosmetics

You may or may not have already heard of Benefit Cosmetics and their great range of beauty products, but either way, it's always helpful to have a review of them to hand to help you decide if you really want to try them for yourself or not. This page does just that, by providing a general insight into what he product range is all about while providing some information on selected products.

Of course, there is no substitute for trying something for yourself!

That's because individual tastes will differ and even the best and most unbiased review will still be slightly colored by the reviewer's own tastes. But it's always good to get different opinions from different people so you can judge for yourself on the overall popularity or otherwise of a given product or product range.

A Review of Benefit Cosmetics

benefit cosmetics my place or yours ginaBenefit Cosmetics is an interesting range since it is a well established name in the business that stormed onto the market with some really great beauty products. Its quirky packaging and branding got it noticed and customers have been talking about it ever since its early beginnings.

If you were wondering if you should try these products out for yourself, then I hope this review will help you make the right decision.

The Benefit Cosmetics History

Here is a brief history of the Benefit Cosmetics story to give you an idea of where it came from.

It all started in a makeup store in San Francisco's Mission District in 1976 opened by twins Jean and Jane Ford, which they called The Face Place. The beauty boutique store specialized in some interesting quick-fix products for the kinds of beauty dilemmas that some people were facing at the time.

Their first true product was a specialist blush and lip tint that they named Rose tint. The rose flushed tint was actually created for an exotic dancer originally. The story goes that she was in need of a rose colored nipple tint to help enhance her "act". The tint proved to be a success so the twins promoted it in their store. It was eventually renamed Benetint and quickly grew to become their best selling tint.

In the 1980s, the store moved to Kearny St. (downtown San Francisco), which heralded in an expansion of their product range and the introduction of the hugely poplar lip-plumping product, names simply Lip Plump. A product catalog followed in 1989 accompanied by a change in the store name to Benefit Cosmetics.

The Ford twins focused their promotions on distribution in department stores and the popularity of the brand grew and grew. in 1991 they opened their first department store in New York called Henri Bendel, with considerable success. By 1997 the company had moved into the international market with its outlet in London's Harrods, quickly followed by the creation of their product website,

Benefit Cosmetics Makeup

benefit cosmetics dr feelgoodSomeone who is conscious of their cosmetics and particularly the makeup they wear will certainly be interested in the Benefit Cosmetics range of beauty products. They are very good quality for the price and the range covers just about everything you need to cover, enhance, build up and show off in any situation.

So what kinds of products will you find in their range? I'll be looking more closely at the main products below, which include mascara, eye liner and shadow palette, tinted lip and cheek stain, luminescent complexion enhancers, brightening camouflage, anti shine balm and many others.

You'll also get the chance to check them out and compare them using our cool Amazon links where you can buy Benefit Cosmetics at a great price. This might be the most amazing insight into this popular brand of cosmetic products you ever saw in one place!

Why Would You Want to Use Benefit Cosmetics?

Come on, this isn't exactly the toughest question you're ever going to be presented with, now is it? Everyone has their own ideas and opinions of course, so we all will have a different and very good reason for choosing any one particular brand or range of cosmetics.

I personally like Benefit simply because its great quality for a great price and it looks great!

But you will have your own ideas on why you might prefer Benefit over another brand, or even not. It's a free world, after all! So take a look further down the page and see for yourself if the examples I have put together from Amazon are something you would definitely like to be using.

Benefit Cosmetics Perfume

A lot of people already know about the great makeup and beauty product range from Benefit Cosmetics, but did you know that they also have a great range of perfumes and scents? Well they do and if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, then you might want to consider trying one of these amazing perfumes from Benefit Cosmetics!

If the incredibly quirky packaging and design doesn't grab you're attention right away, then the great names they have given to some of these really fantastic perfumes surely will.

Great names like "Your Place or Mine Gina"; "Lookin' To Rock Rita" and "Garden Of Good And Eva" give you some idea of the often tongue in cheek naming styles that have characterized this range. If you like something off the wall in your scents, then you'll love these amazing perfumes.

What Do You Like in a Perfume?

Most of the time, the perfume that you use will be a personal choice governed by what suits you. And let's be realistic here, different perfumes suit different people.

One perfume may be really wonderful on one person, yet be totally different on another. A lot of the reason for this is the fact that we all have our own very personal idiosyncrasies when it comes to personal body scent. A perfume will invariably interact with our own personal scent and the result will be either an amazingly great match or a mismatch.

When scents match, we know we have made a great perfume choice. But on the other hand when they don't match, we don't feel "right" and it doesn't matter how much the perfume cost, if it doesn't match then it's not for us! So getting it right is often a case of trial and error until we find the one that we know is the right one.

Benefit Cosmetics are On Sale!

I'm sure you have probably already made you mind up that you are going to try one or more of the products in the amazing Benefit Cosmetics range. So there's little point in trying to force some sales talk on you. Not that I would do that, of course!

But when you decide that you are going to get something you wanted to get all along, it must get irritating when you land on pages offering to provide you with some useful information, only to be confronted with a big sales hype, right? You already know that Benefit Cosmetics have a great range of makeups and perfumes and all you want to do is be steered to a place where you'll get a great deal.

So instead of ticking you off, how about I simply provide you with the information you're looking for along with some links to some of the best online store deals so you can get what you want and save some money too!

Sound like a great idea to you? Then scroll down and see what I have got you!

Getting a Great Deal

It's only natural to want to get the best value for your money and when buying Benefit Cosmetics, it's a fair expectation to get a great deal when you buy online. After all, online stores don't have the same high overheads as brick and mortar stores, so you would expect them to be able to pass on their savings to the customer in the form of cheaper prices.

Well that's exactly what does happen in many cases. When you shop around online, you will find some great bargains over other stores. The only problem with that is it can take up a lot of time, especially when you get caught up reading all the interesting stuff many websites post on their pages.

So what could be better than to have a single page right here on front of you with all the amazing deals on the Benefit Cosmetics range of products?

Well now you can, because here it is!

What Kind of Deals are there on Benefit Cosmetics?

The notion of getting a great deal on a particular product is one that most people like the sound of. After all, if it weren't for some healthy competition in the retail business, we'd all be paying top prices for stuff. Thankfully, that doesn't happen and companies that are actively seeking your business will push the envelope to put their best prices in front of you so you'll be tempted buy from them. And why not!

Just scroll down and see the top products in the range direct from Amazon, the web's favorite online store complete with up to the minute prices. If you see something you like, click its image to bring up the full Amazon sales page complete with retail price comparison, manufacturer's descriptions and customer reviews.

I think you'll agree there are some great deals to be had!

Getting Made Up

For getting yourself made up in the nicest way, it's always a good idea to work with some of the best make ups that are currently available. I know I always look at the better end of the products for the things I want to buy.

Below are some nice examples of top quality cosmetics from the Benefit range that will go a long way to improving your own collection!

Benefit They're Real Mascara

For those looking for that perfect mascara to elongate and enhance lashed, here is a jet-black mascara that does just that. It lengthens, volumizes, curls, lifts and separates those lashes for a truly spectacular look.

It comes with its own specially designed brush that features staggered bristles. These grab lashes close to their roots, boosting their length and volume more than you would have believed possible.

The especially custom domed tip has precision bristles that do a great job of lifting, defining, and curling even your tiniest lashes. It does a great job with your own lashes, but don't expect it to make them look like falsies.

While there is only so much you can do to enhance what you already have, this mascara does a great job of that!

Benefit Cosmetics Perfumes on Amazon

When you're on the lookout for great deals on any product range, its common to start looking for one type of thing only to uncover, you your pleasure, some more products that you might not have thought were there. It's not just makeup and beauty products that you'll find in the range from Benefit Cosmetics. They have a range of great perfumes too!

Here are some of the most popular perfumes in the Benefit Cosmetics range that are on sale right now at Amazon, the world's favorite online store. If any one of these catches your eye and you want to try it, simply click your mouse on the image to open the full Amazon sales and information page.

That's where you can get the full details including price comparison between the Amazon price and the retail price, along with a full description and customer reviews. In addition to great perfumes, you might want to check out some of the great makeup and beauty products that you can get from Amazon at some pretty amazing prices

Just take a look at these select items from the range. Maybe there's something there that speaks to you!

Benefit Cosmetics My Place or Yours Gina

I love the names these perfumes and other items have and "My Place or Yours Gina" is a really cool name. It invokes an image of mystery and rumor that has an edge to it that can feel irresistible.

It is promoted as being "an alluring affair made from pinkest pepper, wildest raspberry and patchouli." It makes for a seductively provocative scent that exudes a "flaunt it if you have it" kind of attitude.

Why not give this sultry scent to a close friend and watch their face light up!

Benefit Cosmetics Gift Ideas from Amazon

When thoughts turn to what kind of a gift you're going to give someone that's maybe a little bit special to you and you're in a dilemma over what to get, you can't really go far wrong by giving a gift set from benefit. Take a look down the examples below for some inspiring ideas!

To get a feel for the products in the range, here are some of the more popular items that are currently available on sale at Amazon online. You'll notice the prices offer great value for these high quality beauty products along with the security of shopping at the Internet's favorite online store.

The product range from Benefit Cosmetics also includes some really great scents and perfumes. The more popular of these that are on sale at Amazon right now are listed below:

Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless! I'm Cute As A Bunny

You want to look good and use the best quality makeup to do that. Then this is one not to be missed out on!

This is a custom powder cover-up that comes with SPF protection for the face. It is a powder foundation with SPF 15 that can be blended and goes on beautifully sheer.

It layers easily for customized coverage as you need it. You can find the perfect shade to suit your look and sweep it on with the special brush to produce a sheer, natural finish.

Alternatively you could apply it with the included sponge for full, all-over coverage or just use as a spot cover-up. Works great for oily or dry skin and covers any imperfections beautifully.

Is This What You Wanted?

Hopefully, you'll see something in the above product listings that grabs your attention on price. Amazon are great when it comes to buying stuff online because not only do they put stuff up with a discounted price on the retail, but they have great deals on shipping (often free) and are a well known and highly trusted online store.

So you know you're going to get your goods in good time and in one piece!

If you've never shopped with Amazon before, you're sure to be won over with their simple ordering system and all the perks that go with getting your stuff from the world's favorite online store. If you already shop with them, then you'll already know what I'm talking about and I can shut up about it now!