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The giving and receiving of gifts is the true basis of life, so this is a particularly important section of the site that deals with this beautiful concept. So what are some of the things that you do to make it possible to enrich your own life by the giving of gifts?

Giving is the True Way

You may or may not be particularly interested in the religions of the world, but one thing is clear from all of them and that's the beautiful act of giving is one of the most important and highly praised things a person can do. But when you think of giving, what do you think of right away?

Many people immediately associate the word "gift" with the act of giving a material object such as an item they bought in a store, or of giving a sum of money. Then there are people who claim they can't afford to give a gift because they don't have any spare money!

But this is not what giving is all about. It is the selfless act of giving something to another that enriches their life or brightens their day in some way. It can be something as simple as a smile, or a kind word or a helpful act that in some way helps another.

These are true gifts yet they cost nothing in monetary terms. Anybody can afford to give a compliment to someone, smile in their direction or greet them with a cheery wave of the hand. Anybody can choose to help an elderly or infirm person to cross the road, or to help someone to pick up some items they may have dropped.

The reward for giving in this way is a warm feeling inside that you have done something kind and satisfaction in that your gift has helped someone else without expecting anything in return.

Receiving Graciously

By the same token, it is similarly satisfying to receive a gift graciously and thankfully. Giving thanks is the kindest way of letting the giver know that their gift is appreciated!

Appreciation radiates a good vibration in a person and that is transmitted to the other party in a way we don't yet fully understand. We just know it does! You can test this out for yourself next time someone performs some small act of kindness for you. Reward their selfless act with a smile and cheery thanks and you will see in their eyes the same warm feeling they are experiencing as you are!

Rather than wanting this to be some kind of faith based sermon, I simply wanted to get across the idea that giving and receiving in a selfless way are the most powerful ways of improving your own life in many unseen yet very real ways. It is far more satisfying to give without expecting a return or making a bargain of it and it really does set up a positive vibration that boosts the happy emotions of the body in both the giver and the recipient!

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