Wedding Budget Calculator

People planning a wedding could read this and discover a really simple spreadsheet budget calculator that will make it easy to calculate costs at a glance. Save time, effort and all that stress trying to figure out how much every aspect of your forthcoming wedding will cost you.

This is simple to use and shows you what you need to know!

How Much Will My Wedding Cost?

calculate wedding budgetThis is a common question and one that is usually worked out by slaving over a long list of inventory with a pen and a calculator. It can and often does take hours and leaves you feeling drained and stressed out! In fact, this happens a lot. Here's my story (in a nutshell):

Last month, my good friend was two weeks away from her own wedding and she was so stressed she looked ill. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that the costs had spiralled out of control. She kept finding so many "extras" and she was worried she might not be able to afford it all.

She said calculating all the different costs for everything was so complicated and she had sheets of paper with cost figures all over the place. She was in such disarray but didn't know how to get organized. I said I might be able to help her there with a simple spreadsheet to keep all the itinerary together.

So I set to work with all her haphazard figures and created this simple spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. The result was simple yet so powerful it brought all her expenses together and calculated the overall cost. After doing plenty of research I found tons of those "hidden" extras that cause wedding costs to spiral and factored them all into my spreadsheet. Now my friend had a simple, yet effective solution to her problems.

She was able to sit down with me and the spreadsheet and work out where she could make savings. It organized the entire budget and made it manageable. She went on to re-calculate every aspect of her Big Day and saved herself many hundreds of dollars off the overall cost!

That spreadsheet was the prototype for my latest, updated and further simplified Wedding Budget Calculator. It's available to help you organize your wedding financial budget and act as a checklist to make sure you don't miss any of those hidden "extras" too!

Benefits of Getting Organized with my Calculator

Make it easy for yourself! There some great benefits to taking the easy way with this specially customized checklist and calculator in one.

A Solution to your Problem

calculate wedding costThe biggest problem when trying to arrange a wedding is keeping a watch on spiralling costs as more and more hidden extras sneak up on you. It can be a nightmare trying to keep track of all the different aspects of the big day, especially when you keep finding new things with price tags that you weren't prepared for!

This simple yet comprehensive checklist and calculator covers all those hidden details that you may not have thought of. It also allows you to cost each item and see the subtotals at a glance.

So if the costs look like they're getting too high, you can look for cheaper alternatives before you get committed to an excessively expensive outlay. All the costs are right there for you to see so nothing gets missed.

How to Use the Wedding Budget Calculator

Using this calculator is simplicity itself. Here are some screenshots so you can see graphically how it looks (I've circled the new entries in the images to make them stand out. That won't happen when you use it for real, of course):

This is how the empty boxes look before you start adding your own figures.

Enter the first price (in this example it's for the bride's ring) in the format: 4200.00 (there's no need to include the $ sign). See how the "Sub Total" field automatically updates itself.

Now enter the next price (for the groom's ring) and see how the "Sub Total" field automatically updates itself with the new total.

Now enter the third price (for the rings' insurance) and see how the "Sub Total" field automatically updates itself with the new total.

If you found a cheaper insurance quote, simply delete the price you already entered...

...and enter in the new price (for insurance). Notice the "Sub Total" field automatically updates itself to reflect the new total.

Here's how the finished box looks without my red highlighting.

...and here's what the grand "Total" box looks like at the foot of the page! It will keep up with the sub totals from all the boxes as you complete them to give you an overall cost total.

If there are any fields that you don't need to add a price to or that don't apply to your wedding plans, simply leave them blank.

What is the Catch?

There's no catch, really. This calculator is not for free, but it's on sale at a crazy low price so you don't get scared off. For under five bucks, you can download this calculator and start using it right away.

It's a simple Excel spreadsheet created to make your life easy. Sure, you can open Excel on your computer and build one of these spreadsheets for yourself. If you have the time, know how and patience.

Or you can spend a mere $4.95 (yes, that really is ALL it costs)... and download this one.

The time that using this calculator would save you is easily of much greater value than the few dollars it will cost you. The saving on the cost of your wedding by highlighting those hidden extra costs and allowing you to work around them is infinitely greater value!

Here's a Reality Check

I'm not making any grandiose claims that this calculator is anything other than what it is. It is merely a simple spreadsheet that adds up all the individual costs of all the inventory of a wedding that you input into it and gives you a running grand total.

It will save you time. It will save you hassle. It can potentially save you thousands of dollars that you may have had to spend on items you weren't otherwise prepared for! Or it can simply tell you what you want to know, which is how much your wedding will cost!

Remember, you are probably counting down the days to the big happy event and its getting closer. I'm guessing you're in need of a cheap, easy to use and accurate means of calculating the cost of that big day and you're going to need it pretty soon, right?

Well, here's the beauty of the digital product: You can download it and start using it almost right away. In a few minutes from now, you can be using this really simple calculator and saving yourself a big headache!

Why Should I Buy This Instead of a Free Web Based Calculator?

Sure you can use a web based calculator for free. Go ahead, there are some that are actually pretty OK. But there are some considerations:

Sure, a web-based calculator may be free (no monetary cost to you) but it's far from free when you consider all the time you'll waste re-entering all the data every time you want to change a few things. "Free" doesn't sound such a great deal now. Does it?

Why You Should Buy My Calculator

When you buy my calculator, you're getting a product that is yours to keep. It's always on your computer or laptop when you need it, wherever you need it. Here are the advantages over a free web based calculator:

You have read all this and since you're still with me, I'm guessing you like what I have here. You know it's good, you know it's the best solution for you. I take it that you accept both the positives and the negatives and you're still here.

Now, this is what you have to do next.

Get Your Low Cost Download Now

It's pretty simple. Just click the "Buy Now" button and pay a mere $4.95 via PayPal. You will be directed to a "download" page where you can click a simple button to download the spreadsheet... and it's yours.

That's all!

I think you'll love this simple to use, comprehensive and effective wedding cost calculator so much you'll be happy to have spent just $4.95 to save all that time, hassle and potentially money over the course of your planning your wedding.

Being Honest

But I'm also a realist and I know this may not be for everyone. If you are having any doubts about buying this digital product, then please, do me a favour and DON'T BUY IT!

You heard me right. I don't want you to buy something (even if it is only $4.95) that you don't really want or need.

If you do NOT have a working copy of Microsoft Excel on your computer, laptop or tablet... please DON'T BUY IT!

If you're looking for a super-calculator that searches around all the local wedding stores and finds all the best prices for you, it won't do that (nor will any other, by the way), so... please DON'T BUY IT!

On the other hand... if you believe it will help you calculate all the prices you have researched, will save you a heap of time and effort... and make the process of planning your wedding so much easier... then please go right ahead and click the "Buy Now" button below.

I truly want you to have something that you really want and need!

PS: If you buy this customized Excel spreadsheet and decide it really is not what you need, I will accept your request for a full refund if you email me at within the next 14 days, no questions asked.

But I'm sure it is what you need and it really will help you a lot. You'll be so glad you got it because it did save you so much time and effort. Use it to help your wedding's financial plans go that much more smoothly and make sure you don't miss any expenses you might not have thought of.

And here's sending you the very best wishes on your big day!