Funeral Cost Calculator

People worried about impending funeral plans and costs could read this and discover the solution in a simple, effective cost calculator spreadsheet. When you are at your most vulnerable, you need a highly simplified way to budget for the many different costs that spring up at you when planning a funeral.

Here is a simple, downloadable calculating spreadsheet that will make it easy to calculate all the costs (apparent and hidden) at a glance. It can save you time, repetitive effort and unwanted stress when trying to calculate how much every aspect of the funeral will cost you.

This calculating spreadsheet is really simple to use, while showing you all you need to know!

How Much Will a Funeral Cost?

This is something you will doubtless ask yourself when faced with having to arrange the funeral of a loved one or someone close to you. So many people bring additional stress upon themselves by trying to do all the calculations by themselves, often longhand with a pen and paper.

It is a process that can take a lot of figuring out, can leave you feeling demoralized and stressed and still be incomplete if you didn't think of everything--and who can do that?

This is something my mom had to work through when dad died some years ago. It was a hellish time for the whole family and the last thing anyone wanted to do was to sit down and work out all the costs involved in arranging the funeral.

How it Doesn't Have to Be

Even though mom was in a bad way, she insisted on working on the funeral costs and arranging the guests, reception, transportation and everything else. Sure, she could have left it all to a funeral specialist, but that would have cost a lot more, so she preferred to do it all herself. She sat down with a pen and paper and her little electronic calculator she'd owned for years.

It took her several hours to complete her list and it looked pretty comprehensive. She looked tired and thoroughly wiped out by the experience but she wanted to do it.

Problem was, even though she was pretty thorough, she still missed out on some key aspects of the entire procedure, which resulted in several hundred dollars shortfall on the eventual cost total. That was money she didn't have and the family had to rally round and make up the shortfall, which we were, of course, only too happy to do.

Long story short, it didn't have to be that way if mom had been in possession of a detailed checklist of the many hidden costs associated with arranging a funeral. Better still if she'd had some kind of self calculating checklist to help her. Sure her calculations were accurate, but it took so much time to get to the point where she had the correct total for the things she knew about.

How Could I Have Helped?

After that experience, I decided I could help any other members of my family and friends in the future when it came time for another funeral. Let's be real here and not try to sugar coat things.

The reality is that death is a part of life and is something that will come to us all one day. No getting away from it, unfortunately. So we need to be ready and prepared as best we can because no one can predict when it will happen to their close circle of family and friends.

While the funeral service can and should always be undertaken by professionals, the task of arranging everything and calculating the costs is generally the job of a family member or close acquaintance of the deceased. My skills lie in creating cost calculating spreadsheets.

So I decided to use mom's template for all the costs and hidden costs that came out of the woodwork to give us all a nasty surprise, put them all together in a spreadsheet that would be easy to complete and provide automatic subtotal and total costs that can be saved, altered and updated if costs change or more economical alternatives are found.

That original spreadsheet was the prototype for what I have decided to make public. This is my latest, simplified Funeral Cost Calculator.

It's instantly downloadable to help you organize a funeral financial budget while also acting as a valuable checklist to insure you aren't caught out by hidden "extras" you might not have been aware of.

The Benefits of Organized Calculation

How much would you want to make at least one aspect of arranging a funeral as easy as possible? How much would you want to avoid being surprised by hidden costs that you weren't expecting and had not budgeted for?

Here are some of the great benefits to using this simple but powerfully effective, customized checklist/calculator:

Providing a Cost Solution to Funeral Arrangements

For most people, one of the biggest problems when arranging a funeral is keeping a tight rein on costs. They can quickly spiral out of control as new "hidden extras" that you had not considered appear as if by magic.

That makes things doubly difficult when trying to keep track of everything involved in the arrangements. The stress is compounded because you are vulnerable, distracted and not always able to focus closely on the arrangements.

Imagine taking at least one big headache out of the equation by at least having a comprehensive checklist that also calculates the total costs of all aspects of the upcoming funeral. So you don't miss things you weren't expecting and are prone to making costly mistakes.

Well, here it is: a simple but comprehensive checklist and cost calculator that includes all those additional hidden details you might have missed.

The beauty of this spreadsheet is that you can see at a glance if costs are starting to climb too steeply. It gives you more time to look around for less expensive alternatives long before you commit to unaffordable expenses. Each individual cost is right there in front of you so nothing will be missed.

What Does This Funeral Cost Calculator Cost?

This calculator is deliberately priced low so as not to add additional expense to an already costly and traumatic experience. For less than five dollars, you can download this amazing calculator and start putting it to use right away.

It's a simple Excel spreadsheet created to make your life easy!

You are probably thinking that you could make one of these spreadsheets yourself if you had the necessary knowledge and skill in using Excel. Sure, you can get into Excel on your own computer and build one for yourself. That's if you have the time, the know-how and the patience. And you have the time to research all those hidden extras you may not be aware of (remember those?).

Or you can spend just $4.95 and download this one right away.

Whoah there... That's right, it's ONLY $4.95!

Consider this: The amount of your time it can save you is way more value than those few dollars to buy it. The saving on the funeral costs to you by highlighting those hidden extras is infinitely greater value!

What it is Not

This calculator is nothing other than what it is. That's a simple checklist, calculating spreadsheet configured to total every individual funeral cost that you input into it.

It will NOT go find out those costs for you. Nor will it compare local funeral homes and their prices. That's a whole different ball game and a program like that would be much more expensive to create and almost impossible to keep updated and current.

What it does do is save you time, hassle and anguish by providing for known and typically unexpected costs involved in arranging a funeral from start to finish. It can potentially save you money revealing aspects you might not be prepared for!

One other thing: It's not like you get much time to arrange a funeral, for obvious reasons. The event is doubtless happening pretty soon and you need to have everything organized with very little notice.

You may need a cheap, easy to use and accurate checklist and calculator and you're likely in need of it pretty soon, right?

Here's the great thing about a digital product: You can download and be using it fast and saving yourself stress and headaches!

What About Free Web Based Calculators?

There are web based calculator you can use for free. There are some that are actually pretty OK. But there are some considerations:

  1. You can't save your work. That means if you've just taken a half hour entering prices into the online calculator and the Internet connection goes down or you accidentally close the browser window, you lose all that work!
  2. You can print out the completed form, but if you want to change anything after, you have to go back and enter it all again!
  3. You can't take your form with you to the funeral home and update it in real time because as soon as you close that browser window, the entries are lost

A web based calculator may be free, but it can cost you in terms of time wasted because you can't save your work. "Free" isn't always such a great deal.

Why You Would Want this Calculator

When you purchase this custom Funeral Budget Calculator, it's yours to keep. You have it on your computer or laptop when you need it and can keep updating it as necessary. Here are its advantages:

What Now?

You have carefully read this article and as you're still with me, I guess you like what I have here. You doubtless have accepted that it's a good product and is the best solution for you.

You accept both the positive and negative points and you're still reading.

Now this is what to do next.

Get Your Downloadable Calculator Now

It's real simple. Just click the "Buy Now" button below, pay only $4.95 via PayPal (they accept credit cards too). You'll be redirected to a "download" page on this site where you can click a button to download and save the calculator spreadsheet on your computer/laptop or Windows tablet (not iPad or iPad Mini).

That's all!

I'm pretty sure you'll love this effective, easy-to-use cost calculator so much you'll be real glad you spent just $4.95 to save all the time and hassle in planning and budgeting for the funeral.

Is This Product for Everyone?

Realistically speaking, I know this calculator might not be for everyone. Let's be honest here.

If you have any doubts about purchasing this digital product, then please DO NOT BUY IT!

You read right! I do not want you to purchase something (even if it's only $4.95) that you really do not want or need. Similarly:

If you do NOT possess Microsoft Excel, please DO NOT BUY IT! You need Excel to be able to use it.


Then go ahead and click the "Buy Now" button. I want you to purchase something you really want and really need!


PS: If you buy this Excel calculating spreadsheet and inside the next 14 days you decide it really doesn't help you as it is intended, I will accept your request for a full refund. No questions asked.

But I'm sure that won't happen because I'm convinced it will help you. I'm confident you'll be glad you got it because it did what you expected it to do and it saved you time and effort. Please use it to help your funeral plans go that much more smoothly.