Smallest Portable Air Conditioners

When you don't have a great deal of space in your home or apartment for a full size air conditioning unit, be it a fixed or portable device, you need something that comes in a small package but still packs a punch! There are a good number of smaller portable AC units on sale these days to cater for the needs of those who simply don't need larger units and don't have the space for them in any case.

small personal air cooler This article takes a look at the smaller side of the air cooling arena. We check out some really compact units and bringing you what's available to buy online if you decide you want to have one to keep you cool during the hotter months of the year.

Things to Consider

Before you make a decision on an air cooling unit, remember there is one major difference between the two. Swamp coolers are very cheap to run but work best in hot dry conditions. However, when the humidity gets high, they're not so effective and the more expensive to run regular air conditioning unit may be a more effective climate controlling choice.

The two main kinds of interior air chilling solutions are explained below. That way you will know what you're getting into before you choose to get out your credit card and make a commitment!

Air Conditioner versus Swamp Cooler

The two main forms of air cooling device popularly on sale today are the conventional air conditioners which use refrigeration technology to chill the air that passes from the unit and the evaporative (swamp) coolers which use cooling by evaporation to chill the air. Each has its merits and drawbacks as we shall see.

Compare the Two Main Types of Air Cooling Device

Let's compare the two different small, free standing air cooling solutions that are available for homes and offices:

Air Conditioners

Most people get an image of a refrigerating device that blasts out very cold air when they think of air cooling units. For cooling a room of just about any size quickly and to a comfortable temperature no matter how hot it might be outside, AC is the king.

However, the convenience and power of this type of air cooler comes at a price. The units are relatively expensive to buy and they are expensive to run. They use a lot of electricity to keep a room cool and their internal mechanism uses atmosphere unfriendly gases (CFCs, usually Freon gas) and materials that are not kind to the environment.

Swamp Coolers

These air coolers are excellent in places that have very low humidity, because they can chill a hot room fairly fast. However, they fall down in high humidity being far less effective as the level of humidity rises, becoming no better than a regular fan at close to 100% humidity.

This is because they cool by evaporating moister internally by blasting warm air through a wet membrane. When the air becomes saturated with moisture, the cooling effect is greatly reduced.

The good news is that swamp coolers are cheaper to buy and much cheaper to run than conventional air conditioners. They don't need to use power to run heat exchanging motors and so only use what their internal fan needs, which is a fraction of what a regular AC unit uses.

Which is Best For You?

Both kinds have their place. If you want cheap air cooling and live in a climate with low humidity, a swamp cooler is a good choice.

If you live with high humidity and heat, you are realistically limited to conventional air conditioning and its higher cost of buying and running but at least you'll be cool when the weather gets hot!