What is a Good Tee Pee to Buy for a Child?

It is often hard to know what is a good tee pee you can buy for a child, so here is one I think is worth a closer look and that any kid will love to play in. Of course there are several factors that will determine what is good and what is not, so this article takes one particular teepee and examines its good and bad points.

The product itself is from a well known manufacturer and is currently sold online by Amazon at what appears to be a heavily discounted price. As prices do fluctuate from time to time, I'm not quoting it here but if you want to see what it is, click the handy button below to open the relevant page at Amazon so you can see for yourself.

Pacific Play Tents Kids TeePee

This is the one I'm looking at (pictured right) as it represents really good value for what is a superior quality build for the money. It looks good and is pretty sturdy which is important for little ones who will be playing inside it.

Pacific Play Tents Kids TeePee on sale

It's perfect for both indoors and outdoors use, with the added advantage that outdoors you are able to secure the poles in the ground for additional stability. Indoors the poles are best placed on a carpet or large mat as they may slip on a bare wood or tiled floor.


There are some interesting features that you get with this tee pee that only appear on very expensive models. Here are the main ones:

It makes a great enclosure for kids to play in and the pink and white striped printed fabric looks really pretty.

Why You Would Want to Buy this Tee Pee

There are several good reasons for buying this tipi for your kids to play in, not least of all the low price compared to the high quality construction and materials used. For those who are into ecologically sound manufacturing processes, the canvas is made from organic cotton.

This is not a cheap tepee of the kind that come made from polyester or plastic, but a real canvas model with wooden poles. This is something you would expect to pay several hundreds of dollars for, but when you click the button above you are going to be very surprised to see that it is priced at a pleasantly low amount.

This is a limited stock item, so if you want to get one for your child to play in, you should maybe get in there right now to avoid disappointment if they sell out quickly once people start reading this page.